“See The Air” & “Nicholas and his incredible eyesight” Books

“See The Air”

Years of experience and personal research made me write and design this straightforward guide-book about air pollution. All the crucial information are inside this book, see the air you breathe today. Available on Paperback and Digital.

“Nicholas and his incredible eyesight”

Nicholas is a Scottish boy who will help your kids understand better what Air Pollution is and what they need to do to combat it. Through his empowering story he will teach them how to be more sustainable and thoughtful with the environment. Available on Paperback, Digital and Limited Edition Hardcover.


The Next Air Quality Monitor

There are hundreds of Air Quality monitors out there but still there isn’t a single one designed and built to meet people’s needs and capture the market’s attention, each time they miss something. Companies are missing key functions for a good Air Quality monitor, hardware-wise and software-wise.

After years of experience and countless conversations with users and professionals via email/twitter/skype I know what is missing from the market.

If you are an entrepreneur or a business developer or a company that is planning to develop one more air quality monitor, remember to contact me first because I am going to bring substantial information to your company for the Next Air Quality Monitor.

Wood Fire & Chemical Reactions

Summer is here and once more fires are burning woods and forests in the northern hemisphere from Greece to USA and unfortunately most of the times because someone irresponsible and crazy enough “thought” that he/she will benefit from it.

In this article I am going to discuss the chemical reactions that occur while wood is burnt and the gasses that release into the atmosphere.

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Electric cars VS The World…

I recently came across an article in Science focus where they discuss “How environmentally friendly are electric cars?

They also have a chart on the article with the CO2 emission each technology Petrol, Hybrid, Electric and Hydrogen produces. I fundamentally believe that this chart can create wrong impressions to the average driver who lacks knowledge on how energy is produced and what emissions are.

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Offer: Roidmi F8 Storm

For the first time I have ordered a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with a HEPA filter. It is called Roidmi F8 Storm. It is already commercialized by Xiaomi, but currently, it is available on Indiegogo for $289 and I have access to a secret Perk link for $279 (-$10 off) for those who want to use this offer. The offer ends at the end of July 2018.

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