Review: O2 Canada Respirator Mask

Have you ever wondered which respirator can achieve the best insulation around your face? In my research for a respirator mask that won’t allow any leakage, I think I found a pretty good one, the O2 Canada Respirator.

The O2 Canada respirator has an elastic Japanese grade silicone seal all around it so it adapts around your face tightly and it prevents air to come into your lungs unless it passes through the filter first.

o2 canada mask

The respirator is made of two plastic caps, the exterior swappable cap the Shell comes in different colours such as White, Red, Black and Blue and the interior cap which holds 2 valves and the elastic rubbers. In the O2 Curve 1.2 version the inter cap features 2 straps which go around your ears and then they snap together with magnets behind your neck. This mechanism allows the mask to stay tight and still around your face even if you move or talk.


The Filter

filter_mailer_and_3_filteres_cutout_FOR_WEB_SHORT_980xO2 Canada electrostatic filters are charged with pockets of both negative and positive ions, which attract and trap small particles. They efficiently filter particles at 0.1 microns and larger. It is a small filter designed to fit precisely in between the caps. They are quite inexpensive and the respirator comes with three filters. As all respirators, the filter can last up to 2 weeks in an average use.

Filter Stats

The O2 Global AQI app complements the O2 Canada mask. The application is designed to alert users when they have entered area with high air pollution levels. A notification will advise the user to protect themselves by wearing the mask. Once the user is in a pollution-free zone, the APP will also provide reminder notices when the filter life is running out by an estimation based on the pollution data in your area. The app will be available for Android early 2019.

o2 canada app ios mask

My Personal Experience

When I first unpacked the mask I was a bit unsure about the ear straps but after I adjusted them to my size then the respirator fitted nicely around my face without making me feel uncomfortable and the ear loops are really soft, so don’t feel intimidated about its unique design. The valves really make a difference when you exhale and I could not feel accumulated moisture between the mask and my skin. The respirator comes with a nice bag to store it. It takes a bit of time to set it up but only because each person has a different head size and because you need to be 100% sure it fits you well. Lastly, the mask can be worn with glasses and the ventilation system is designed to prevent glasses from fogging up while wearing it.

Tips: This video is part from a series of clips which will definitely help you set it up.

Finally, an observation that I made led me to the conclusion that wearing a respirator is like making a statement to people around you that the air is contaminated and unsafe.

The mask is available worldwide at, but it is also sold in stores across Canada and will be available in pharmacies in California, New York, and Florida in February 2019. A nice addition is that they offer free shipping in North America and China.



3 thoughts on “Review: O2 Canada Respirator Mask

  1. Thanks for the review! The mask seems really interesting. I’m thinking in buying one to try it myself but I’m a bit afraid of having to pay import taxes as the value is over the exempt limit and I suppose they ship from Canada. Do you know if an order to Spain could be retained at customs?

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    • Thanks for the good words.
      Customs is a question of luck or not. It depends each time. They ship from Canada or China. China goods sometimes don’t pass customs control. I will recommend you to email O2 Canada directly.


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